Tim O'Connor Fraser

Tim O'Connor Fraser

Who I am and what I do for fun

I’m just a guy trying to take care of what’s in front of me.  For fun, I play soccer, go on dates with my wife, and play with my son.

What I do for Ewert Communications

I build web sites, primarily front-end development, although I have been doing a lot more back-end programming lately. For the most part, I take the designer’s art and make it function as seamlessly and effectively as possible, always trying to impress our clients along the way.

What I like about working with Ewert Communications

I appreciate the support the most. If there is an issue, or if I am over-booked with work, we have a team of people who can step in to help out.  Working with Ewert, I can actually take vacations!

My background and experience

I have a deep background in media production services, publishing, technology and business. I produced my first video in elementary school, worked as a video editor and multimedia programmer through college, and studied business and computer programming in college, as well as editing the student newspaper and starting an online newspaper. I ran an interactive media department after college and soon was the president and CEO of the largest production company in Silicon Valley. I left that to pursue life studies, creative opportunities, and a simpler way, which led me to spend time at monasteries, in filmmaking and in building web sites. I now use that combined experience in all that I do.