Regan Eymann

Who I am and what I do for fun

I live in Santa Cruz with my husband and two awesome children. I am a full-time multi-media producer and web developer. I enjoy spending time with my family and playing roller derby for the Santa Cruz Derby Girls.

What I do for Ewert Communications

I use my eye for detail and drive for consistency to maintain and update websites for our clients.

What I like about working with Ewert Communications

The Ewert team is strong and dedicated to the work they do, creating a solid environment to work in. Our clients are great to work with and they appreciate our responsiveness and commitment to their websites. 

My background and experience

As a multi-media producer, I work daily with clients on their projects and bringing their vision to life.  It’s important in my career to have a passion for the subject matter, to work closely with others and to multitask on projects daily. I use these skills in my work with Ewert Communications, being able to manage multiple websites at once and provide our clients with the consistency and ability to trust us to do great work with every request made.