Kevin Ewert

Kevin Ewert

Who I am and what I do for fun

I am the second son in the Ewert Family, and started learning web programming with my two brothers in the mid-90s. I am a fulltime RV tech-nomad, working while I travel the US in a 40' motor home – an "extreme telecommuter."

What I do for Ewert Communications

I specialize in writing custom database applications. My talent lies in being able to understand the needs of a client and to translate that into a functional application. I work with Perl, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, mySQL, ExtJS, and anything else that delivers what the client needs. 

What I like about working with Ewert Communications

Working with Ewert Communications has not only allowed me to focus on my strengths and passions in programming, but has also allowed me to live my dream of traveling the country while still belonging to a great company. I love working with my mother, brothers, and sister, as well as the "new family".

My background and experience

I am a self-taught programmer who has been learning something new every day that I have worked in this field. My passion for bridging the gap of technical mumbo-jumbo and the layman’s needs has helped propel my career to where it is today.