Ellen Regan

Ellen Regan

Who I am and what I do for fun

I am the only Ewert daughter! I have a husband, John, and two wonderful children, Rachel and Blake, who keep me busy with their many activities. For fun, I like to spend time making memories with my family and then scrapbooking the memories. 

What I do for Ewert Communications

As the front office manager for Ewert Communications, I interact with all of our clients and team members, managing everything from HR to purchase order tracking to payroll.

What I like about working with Ewert Communications 

What I like most is getting to talk with my family on a daily basis. I also love the fact that my job is always challenging and keeps me on my toes every day! 

My background and experience

I have worked here since the doors opened in 2000. As the company's first employee, I drew on my experience as a bookkeeper and working in an escrow office. I welcome the challenges and love learning new things.