Our Story

If you value what a “Mom and Pop” business has to offer — and who doesn’t — check out this “Mom and Kids” story and the hometown high tech operation it spawned.

Ewert Communications was launched in 2000, by four members of the Ewert family – Sharon and her sons Dave, Kevin, and Roy. This came as a result of each having become enthralled with the emerging World Wide Web and going about developing self-taught skills in web coding, database application programming, content organization, and writing.

This family shares more than a passion for the web and a surname. Take a lifetime of experience in collaborating and problem solving together and add compatible, time-tested values and work ethics, and it then becomes obvious why it was a natural decision to pool talents and to hatch Ewert Communications.

Mom and the boys began playing with the “big kids” as independent consultants, even before the incorporation took place, having Cisco Systems as the first client. Today, more than a decade later, the team proudly continues to support numerous groups within Cisco with web development services.

Success breeds changes, and, to keep pace with such a fast-growing enterprise, the team quickly expanded its membership beyond the immediate family. Each carefully chosen designer and developer brought into the circle exceptional experience and talent. Most importantly, each one shares the Ewert passion for the process, regard for people, and commitment to jobs very well done. It’s a bigger family now, but it’s still a family, and it’s still offering exactly what you would expect from one — care!

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