gears-mobile.pngWELCOME! Make yourself at home in our newly designed space ‑ and just so you don’t miss a few of the most important features, let us walk you through them.

The gears graphic that greeted you as you entered depicts the services we offer and their interrelatedness in the creation of a successful website. 

Effective foundations are critical to any structure, and a website is no different. For that reason the site is built on Concrete5, a content management system that streamlines development and makes it easy for even a non-techie to maintain.

Because we want to be accessible to everyone who approaches us, no matter what vehicle they are using, responsive web design (RWD) was used to optimize the site for the best experience on any device. When you view the site on your cell phone, iPad, or tablet, you’ll notice that the page automatically adapts to the smaller screen. It’s positively magical!

Website pages are like the rooms in a building, and in that no thorough visit to a building can take place without stepping into some of its rooms, be sure to visit the following:

  • The Our Work page gives you a peek at some of our current clients, provides an opportunity to see how we’ve blended a variety of services into remarkable outcomes for them, and let’s you read what they have to say about us!
  • The Our Team page introduces you to the awesome, talented people in our Ewert Communications family, so be sure to look in on us and see how multi-dimensional — and good-looking — we are.
  • The Our Resources page features tools you can use and other indispensably valuable information. It’s a real must-see!

The goal of our blog is to make our website a valuable resource to all, by discussing new technologies, standard web practices, and ideas that can save you time and money. Did you see that? … SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY! What better reason to come back again and again?

Look forward to future insights from bloggers: Sharon Ewert, Tim O’Connor Fraser, and Kevin Ewert. (Tim and Kevin are two of our very knowledgeable and experienced   web developers.)  

So glad you stopped in for our housewarming. Please check back often!